Leased Line-P2P

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For Limitless Business Growth

Businesses today rely on cloud-based services to keep operating fully. They need the uninterrupted connectivity of a private and secure connection. Point-to-point leased lines are the perfect solution to ensure your business has constant and stable connectivity to transfer, transact, and process information, even across offsite locations. Our leased line service provides balanced, two-way channel connectivity between business locations, regional centres, data hubs etc. Get ready for high-performance connectivity.

Benefits of Using Leased Line service from Tata Tele

From transmitting information between business sites easily to an Ultra-Low Latency Leased Line, our Leased Line keeps you reliably connected at all times.
No Downtime with Triple Path Redundancy
Permanently Assigned Carrier-grade Connectivity
Ultra-LOLA 3.0 (Ultra-Low Latency Leased Line)
Convenient Payment Flexibility
Inbuilt Security
High-speed Connectivity

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